Jul 13, 2009

Here are some recent vintage inspired outfits that I've been sporting around to garage sales. Nothing fancy.

I almost let this black dress go. But luckily I figured out that I would regret that. (I'm a black dress junkie).
I found this 60s dress at salvation army, and the belt is from a church bag sale.

I got this dress a couple years ago but only really started appreciating it recently. Giant gray and yellow stripes? How could I go wrong.
The belt was a 50¢ estate sale find, and the necklace I found at salvation army.


  1. that grey/yellow striped dress is fantastic!

  2. Hey!
    I just hearted your shop on Etsy and I really like you stuff! Check me out, too, if you'd like. Yay Vintage!

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  4. Love that black dress. I bought THREE today (sighs dramatically in guilt) but they were all thrifted so I am not so bad. Really.
    You should check out the LBD polyvore challenge and do something amazing there!