Jul 30, 2009

50's frocks

I've found a couple black satan 1950s dresses lately, and I've decided A- that one of them needs to remain in my wardrobe and B- This one is it.
It's an R&K Original, and fits perfectly, I can only hope that I get invited to some fancy event soon.

50s frocks


  1. Very beautiful...I fear I will never be able to wear some of the vintage items I keep to myself!

  2. This cocktail dress is divine!

    My linen scarf may not be quite dressy enough to go with it. Nevertheless, you have won it in my giveaway! I'll convo you through your etsy shop to find out where to mail it.


  3. Caitlin- I know exactly what you mean, I always want to keep all the cocktail dresses I find but I know i'll never ever need them all. Gotta be picky these days!

    Sharon- Thank you so much! I've already responded on etsy.
    I assure you I'll be able to find an outfit to showcase that beautiful scarf!

  4. Beautiful find! It looks perfect on you! :) I always say that if you love a vintage find and it fits you perfect, keep it (at least for a while)!

  5. I love the shoes in this outfit as well, they're lovely.