Aug 3, 2009

How to style it: Cropped top

I find a lot of vintage trends when I'm out searching for merchandise for the store. This cropped top which I recently picked up was a popular trend in the 80's. I've been browsing the fashion magazines and noticed some cropped tops here and there, so I thought I would try to find some various ways of styling this item. Needless to say I had fun, and hope to be doing more posts similar to this.

The first look is pretty casual, jeans, a frilly top, basic shoes, and then I thought I'd bring back the 80's knot.

This one has way more going on, a jumbo belt, my favorite new necklace, ankle boots, and a pencil skirt.
I could see this look for a party or dinner if done with the right pieces, (and maybe an ironed skirt).

Cropped top
This one ended up being my favorite, I belted the cropped top over a strapless dress and put on a bunch of bangles and some plain black shoes. I just wore it all day because I liked the outfit so much.

Feel free to make any suggestions for items that you think might be fun to style, or even patterns!


  1. Love the belted look with the dress. So cute! Way to style that top.

  2. I actually really like those jeans in the first photo, may I ask where you got them?

  3. Caitlin- Kohls super clearance! I don't know if they have them anymore.

  4. ohhh cute! I think I like the last look best as well, but they are all so cute! Great top.

  5. Super cute!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I noticed you have a Etsy shop as well. I'm always down for trades, just saying :)

  6. You have some amazing things in your store, I've already "favorited" some!

  7. i love the 3rd look the best!! belting the loose cropped top gives it shape. Well done with the styling! :)