Aug 6, 2009

Stripes galore

I've been trying out skirts as dresses lately, this is a vintage one that my mom wore in the 60's. I paired it with a crochet top so I wouldn't have to worry so much about always pulling it up.
The belt is from my neighbors grandma, she gave me a whole lot of them a couple years ago.
I just thrifted the shoes! They are Target brand but I love them.
I'm excited to start layering more once the fall season starts! I've got lots of ideas for cozy outfits.


  1. Love the skirt-as-a-dress idea! You look great! Loving the purple too :)

  2. Wow that dress look beautiful! Very eye-catching

  3. cuuuuute!! I actually thought that the crochet top was part of the dress until I read the text. Lovely look!

  4. Really pretty, and I like the idea of wearing the skirt/dress over a top too :)