Dec 3, 2009

I miss the warmth

Dress is thrifted. It's one of my all time favorites, had to do some altering to get it to fit but it was quite worth it.
Snow is coming tonight, I'm going to have to start layering.


  1. You look stunning in these photos! I thrifted a dress soooo similar to this a while back. It was austrian made, and completely gorgeous!

  2. Ew! You said the "s"-word! I can't wait until Spring, myself.

  3. Man. I hate this cold weather! Winter used to be my fav season, but no more! I want to ride my bike again

  4. hi there!

    i like your unique style and all your posts. i also love vintage like you do. if you don't mind i added you in my blog roll. im new here in fashion blog and i want to meet bloggers like you.


  5. Absolutely gorgeous photos. And that dress is breath taking.