Mar 18, 2010

Daily outfit: History books forgot about us

Today is absolutely beautiful! I went and did a bit of shopping and now I'm getting ready to take lots of photos for the store. (An excuse to go outside AND work.)
I have over 150 things that need photographing, and at least 50 waiting to be measured! But luckily this means lots of new spring items up in the store.

This is my new favorite blazer, found in the little boys section of salvation army. I couldn't ever find the right blazer in the womens section so I finally realized the little boy section would have the exact cropped blazer I was looking for. I loosely stitched the crest on to liven it up a bit, but I imagine I may sport it without every now and then.

Thrifted blazer, Gifted pants, JC penny asymmetrical top, Garage sale necklace, Dana Buchman Boots.

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  1. dang thats awesome that you found something so chic in the little boys section! adding the crest is such a good idea too! :)

    Wanderlusting Fool

  2. Super chic!! I love the addition of the patch- and so clever to search the little boys' section! (My favorite navy blazer is a little boy's.) You look fab!!

  3. I just stole my little brother blazer from when he was like 6

  4. That blazer looks gorgeous on you! I found a boy's Tommy H blazer in a boxier cut, I like it but yours is far cuter!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  5. The necklace is very unusual. I have never quite seen a design like this.
    It's amazing how a little boy blazer can seem so chic on you, like its made to order for you.