Mar 20, 2010

Daily outfit: I should have loved a thunderbird instead

This weekend has been amazing for thrifting! even though I'm behind as is on store stock, I got loads of new things for the shop. including a leopard print Diane von Furstenberg dress, and also some really nice plus sized pieces that I was happy to find. (Along with a few pairs of shoes and a lovely leopard print blouse for my own wardrobe!) I'll get some photos of my finds later on today, I am really excited to style all of them.

This dress is one of my reconstructed 80s pieces, normally I am in no way a frills girl, but I really, really love this dress. I just had to take off the blouse sleeves (overwhelming for me), and hem it a bit.
I will have a post with before and after photos on all the reconstructions soon!
These heels are the one good thing I found thrifting on the west side of the state.

Now I'm off to start the process of cleaning out my closet, and find things to swap with Erin!

Thrifted little boys blazer, vintage frilly dress, Etienne Aginer heels.


  1. What a dreamy dress! Love it with the blazer and shiny pumps. I'm so excited about our swap!! I have a HUGE box I'll be sending your way on Tuesday, doll! :)

  2. I am super excited! I'm so glad we decided to do this. I found a real cute red dress for you already, and I'll find much more!

  3. OMG this dress is gorgeous, and you look amazing too!!!

  4. What color are the tights you're wearing? I love that look, the seemingly dark red, but are they brown?

  5. Annie- They are actually black! It's just the sunlight making them look the more brown shade.