May 10, 2010

Daily outfit: Cutoffs

I always see stylish ladies sporting tights with shorts but I never really gave it a go myself. Due to it being just a little too chilly I decided to wear them today. I actually really like the stripes with the cutoffs!

Sweater: Vintage
Tank: Thrifted
Shorts: DIY'd
Tights: Marshalls
Shoes: Dana Buchman

I finally redeemed some chictopia points! Only a moment ago. I didn't really use any careful planning, I just took the first thing that was actually available while I was checking. It's a cute ruffled scarf though and I have a great idea in my head to stitch it on to a cocktail dress. I'm back to basically zero points though. C'est la vie!


  1. I love this look! Very different ... But very beautiful!


  2. I love your entire outfit - it's exactly something I would wear - stripey tights with shorts and ankle boots! :) I love that cardigan, and the necklace is pretty.

    Too cute!

    Little Rachael

  3. Nice outfit! It looks pretty comfortable too :)

  4. I love your tights! Since I live in Vancouver, I wear tights almost year round, and I love the texture on yours!

  5. I loooooove this look! I just love those tights I think I'll be using you for some inspiration next time I plan an outfit!

  6. simple but so chic. Love it!

  7. Love this outfit! tights are fab! Check out my vintage clothes website for some one of a kind gems!

  8. The best part about making your own cut offs instead of buying them is that you can actually have some shorts that your butt doesnt fall out of

    you know?

  9. I love shorts over tights SO much. And your booties are super flattering. Love this look!

  10. I saw this featured on Weardrobe. Nice!

  11. I love this look! Your sweater looks so warm and cozy!

  12. Looooooooveeee the tights and also the necklaceeee:)