May 8, 2010

Daily outfit: Tryin' My Best

It feels so nice to be finished with finals, this summer will be the first semester I've had off since I was 17. (Highly looking forward to this.)
I've really going to invest the month into working on the shop, improving photos, marketing more. It's going to be good to have my full attention directed towards one thing for a change.
I already have loads of cute clothes waiting to be listed!

This top is another of the swapped garments.
I thought since it was textured and triangular it would be best off with just a simple pair of jeans. Of course then I went for my go-to Dana Buchman ankle boots to finish off the look.
Necklace is self designed.

Also, ModeRepublic has selected me to be one of the first Trendsetters of the month! The ladies behind mode republic are really striving to have a site that is very beneficial to it's users. Go check it out if you haven't already!


  1. great outfit, I really love ur top, the details is very pretty, and congrats for the feature, you really deserve it!


  2. The top is just wonderful!

    Congrats on being a trendsetter!


  3. My dear you look so dreamy, love the outfit so much, it's so simple and chic:)

    Congrats for the feature, you really deserve it cause you always look so sweet and fashionable.


  4. Congrats about the feature! Well deserved. I love all of your looks..:) Love your top in this outfit. You always blow me away!

  5. Congrats on your feature! :)
    and that top is completely beautiful!

  6. I just came across your blog and will be following for sure!

    I love that necklace! Congrats on your feature!