Jun 3, 2010

Daily outfit: Up from below

I've been sporting this great summer sundress from a company called RF Textiles lately. It's been so ridiculously hot and humid here the past few days a sundress is about all I can manage to put on.

Here is a bit of a description of the dress from the site.
"This sundress is designed by RF Textiles. The fabric is 100% cotton shibori. The shibori fabric is made in a town near Tibet by a family who has been dying fabric for 3 generations. They use natural, eco-friendly dyes made from flowers, vegetables and fruits of the area. The shibori stitching is done by asian women using the NUI technique which encompasses 13 different stitches to make the designs. (a pattern is put on a white piece of fabric. The design is stitched and then tied tightly. When the design is all stitched, the fabric is put in the dye vats and then dried in huge dryers. Then the stitching is taken out and it leaves the white design and the background is the color of the dye). A top stitch is done afterwards, called a “couch” stitch, which gives the fabric it’s depth and texture. It’s a fabric that gets softer and softer the more you wear it and wash it."

Dress: RF Textiles
Vest: Thrifted
Sandals: c/o Pacsun


  1. You look really cute!


  2. This dress is really beautiful. I am checking out their website now. It is kind of like Batik patterns from back home.

    Might I also add when you decide to look into the camera, the effect is very striking. :)

  3. I love the print on that dress and the fact that you styled it with a dress. I decided I couldn't take the heat any longer, so I chopped my hair.

  4. sublime robe ! the print is fabulous !

  5. omgoodness, the dress is so breathtakingly beautiful. you are so breathtakingly beautiful. this is my favorite outfit post of you till date.