Jul 5, 2010


I truly just took the most amazing trip imaginable.
It was my first time seeing the southwest and I fell in love with new mexico, I can see myself spending some time there after I graduate in 15 months.
I slept out under the stars in death valley and hiked up the mountains in colorado.
I managed to do some antique shopping in Ajo, Arizona. Found lovely 1950s clothing in the tiniest little junk shops.
I can't rave enough about this trip and how life changing it was for me. It's back to the grind, working and school at the end of august. But knowing in 15 months that I will finally be finished with school and I can explore the US more excites me beyond belief. It's rough turning your passion into a profession, but I am trying my hardest to create a career out of what I'm doing and I greatly appreciate all the support I'm receiving. I adore my shop and finding items and I hope to be able to take LoveCharles on the road for awhile after graduation and find goods all over the states.


  1. Your trip sounds amazing! I love these photos, looks like tons of goodies are hidden here.

    I'm so glad your back, I missed your posts!

  2. s this one of the antique shops? amazing <3 <3 i wish i could spend the rest of my life sleeping under stars & antique shopping, what a life that would be! :)

  3. yeah, you're back!!!
    good luck with your dreams, I'm sure they'll come true - just believe in yourself, work hard and never loose your passion! (that's what I'm telling myself all the time :)) )

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  4. I'm so jealous! that region is definitely on my "to visit" list. Post more pics! :D