Jul 30, 2010

Toronto, Canada

Toronto was a blast! I've never seen so many fun stores in one location. I spent most of my money on food, but managed to find a few goodies to bring back for the store.

Stayed at a hotel right downtown and walked everywhere, mainly Queen Street and College street. Went to the MOCCA and to kensington market. Burrito Boyz is my new favorite burrito place ever. Someone please open a store in michigan.

The one thing I did buy for myself was this amazing snake necklace at this little store on Queen St W. It was love at first sight.

I took zero photos in toronto, but managed to snap a couple at Niagra Falls. (Which is breathtaking by the way, minus the ridiculous amount of people)

Now on to the thrift finds!

This skirt has the most amazing peacock feather pattern. I'm debating hemming it or putting it in the store.

A fun slouchy safari sweater. Available for sale on etsy.

A simple blue pleated top, I love it tucked into this mini skirt from Little Ocean Annie.
Top is available on etsy.

This dress is my favorite find, it's got dandelions in the pattern! Available on etsy.

Overall a pretty excellent place to visit, I'm really happy I went up there. Now I'm off to chicago again, and I'm going to visit milwaukee. If you have any suggestions of places to visit please let me know!


  1. That peacock dress (& whole outfit!) is awesome. I'd keep it.


  2. The dandellions dress is my fave :)) off to see your shop now, YAY!!!

  3. I love that safari jumper!!

    Rach xx

    Little Rachael Vintage

  4. You look great, lady! Oh, and I just thrifted that exact same dress in blue! I love the print on it so much.

  5. The snake necklace is such a cool buy and I love the peacock skirt and the leopard print top especially. Glad you had fun in toronto, and yes niagra falls is definitely breathtaking. Safe travels in Chicago!

  6. You always have such stunning photos! And I always wish I had made it to Niagara - it looks so stunning!

  7. whoooa that IS an amazing necklace! i saw one that's similar in gold but it was a yellowish goldtone so it's not as pretty as yours (so I didn't end up buying it after much debate).

    Anyway, thanks for the comment on my blog and I hope you saw my shout out to your store (and to you for that extra blouse) on that post!

  8. Love your outfits! I am sure you get that a lot, but its truly a talent to score such amazing finds! If you don't mind me asking, can you tell me where you generally shop for your outfits and accessories?

  9. Love the safari sweater! Like your blog. I'll follow you from now on. Hope you will follow me too.