Aug 21, 2010

Daily outfit: wallpaper and scissors

My powers been out for a couple days so this is actually thursdays outfit.
I went and took tons of photos in that abandoned house I mentioned, most of them still need to be edited. I was joined by a fellow vintage seller, and my good friend who makes for a lovely vintage model. Those photos are to come! For now here is what I wore that day.

The blouse is vintage, which I should sell but I love it a bit too much.
The watch needs batteries, but that obviously doesn't hinder my ability to wear it. (My cell phone does tell the time, watches are purely fashion for me these days.)
Shoes are Simply Vera.


  1. My boyfriend was looking at these photo's with me, and said "Ive never seen a watch as great as that, ever!!" and its true - that is the greatest watch, and so is this location for photos! I love it. Hope you're having a great weekend. x

  2. Beautiful beautiful photos. And that watch is pure perfection. I want a watch like that.

  3. I love that watch...where can i get a similar one online?

  4. beautiful shots!!! love what you are wearing, so enjoying your blog as well, it's a new fave :) definitely following.

  5. Beautiful pictures!

    hope y'all will follow me :) thanks.

  6. what a great watch!