Sep 3, 2010

Daily outfit: Janglin + a winner!

I don't think I'm settling into moving very well. As much as I just want to go out and live in the world I keep convincing myself to stick out the next 15 months so I've got a degree to my name.
Tell me to suck it up, right? 15 months is bound to fly by. And I'll graduate for my 23rd birthday.
(Somedays you just gotta complain!)

Anyway, heres todays outfit. It's finally the weekend so I'm going to spend some time downtown tonight. Explore the local bars, see what Grand Rapids has to offer.
It's getting chilly out so I can finally wear this 80's dress I tailored. Although I will slip on some tights for tonight.
It's got pockets and thats my favorite part. I had to hem the bottom and the sleeves though so it had a more modern look. (Of course I can't find the Before photo.)

Dress: Salvation army
Necklace: Garage Sale
Boots: Shi
Listening to: Hot chip- I feel better

What do you guys do to feel acclimated after a move?
Or feel free to use this post as a free spot to vent, haha. It helps!

My giveaway has gone on long enough! I'm sorry it took so so long to pick a winner.
Anyway, the lucky winner of the blue mystery giveaway is Samy!
Thanks everyone for entering. I'll be sure to have more giveaways as I become more settled.


  1. Those boots are gorgeous! They look wonderful with that dress.
    I move around a lot, but I find it pretty easy to get acclimated with these tips:
    -Find a coffee shop you love. A place where you can do work, chill, and go if you are feeling down in the dumps and just want to be around other people.
    -Explore walking trails in your area. That way you get a feel for the place really well and can have tons of fun exploring.
    -Have 'discovery' days where you do touristy things the area is known for. It's fun and you normally don't do stuff like that when you live in a place for ages.
    -Enjoy finding all of your 'regular' haunts. Try out tons of different grocery stores, restaurants, laundromats, parks, whatever.
    -Thrift! You kind of get a feel for the people of the area from their thrift stores I think!
    -Decorate your house, backyard, whatever. I think having material things around me grounds me a little bit. Since I move so much I have a quilt that I always bring with me that my mom made for me before I went to college, now whenever I put it on a new bed my room starts to feel like home.

    Have fun! Moving is exciting, but I agree, it's a pretty stressful too!

  2. i am in total love with your remade dress!! you did such a great job on it.
    i agree with lucy, decorating your place to feel more like home will help tremendously in feeling settled. it makes a huge difference to walk through the door at the end of the day if you are surrounded by things you love. hope it goes well!

  3. grand rapids? just wait for art prize!

    also, there's a speakeasy on commerce.
    it's unmarked and you need to know the door code to enter. i believe it's 1929?

  4. Hi Lily,

    Just wanted to say that the boots and the necklace is gorgeous. I think in terms of moving and settling down, you're doing things just fine. I know in no time you'll feel like it's been home all along. :)

    P.S: I am hosting my very first giveaway. Please take a minute to visit and enter. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  5. Moving is brutal. After living in a fabulous little steal of an apartment for a few years I had to move not once, not twice, but three times in the last year and a half. I think the easiest way to get out of the moving blues is to just work to make your place as homey as you can - even if you feel like it's just a temporary stop, make it yours, give it character. I've found that cleaning things up and getting things put away (even if I"m going to move them later on) helps a ton - it makes me feel more settled and less like I'm just living in a storage unit. I used to always just "wait' until I had a "more grown up place' to decorate but with the last few moves I've realized that making each place a nice looking "real" apartment (or house) make me feel less beaten by the whole process. Plus it's awesome to have people come over and exclaim: "look what you've done with the place!" and really mean it. My old landlady told me that when I moved in with my ex she was so happy to finally see her house treated properly (I cleaned, scrubbed, and decorated, and undid tons of damage caused by a hoarder tenant) and that it was nice to see the property look like a home.
    And stick it out with your degree! Seriously - even if it drives you nuts the next few months it will be worth it.