Oct 22, 2010

Daily outfit: Where does the time go?

School is hectic, mid terms are over and I finally have a weekend to relax a bit.

Running the shops been hard, but you always manage to find time for the things that truly make you happy.
I'm so appreciative to my customers for having patience with me not being able to ship every other day, this shop is what keeps me afloat and it's really self reassuring that I was able to set that up for myself. Makes you worry about the future a bit less, you know?

In other news, I've been really exploring turning my summer southwest trip into a theme for my printmaking. I'm experimenting a lot but I like what I'm getting! It's nice to focus on something that has a lot of personal meaning for a change.

Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: Handmade

Thanks for sticking with me even in these slow times!


  1. we will always stick with you! Your blogs amazing :) I hope you have an amazing and relaxing weekend lovely! xx

  2. LOVE all of the pictures, and what a beautiful dress, LOVE it!!!

    Happy Weekend


  3. Ooh, so you're a student too~~ Amazing, how'd you get all this started? Mind some tips ^_^


    p/S: the blog & clothes are great! Love love love!

  4. Beautiful photos!!!! love prints and experiment with them!!!!!