Dec 13, 2010


I had to share, I've been cooking so many hashbrowns lately out of red potatoes.

Chop them up nice and fine, add some onions, garlic and sea salt, and fry them up in olive oil!

Last night I made fried eggplant and I'm about to go devour the leftovers. Any simple vegetarian recipes that you guys can share?


  1. I usually dislike hashbrowns from the store or a restaurant, so maybe I will like the home-made version!

  2. November Grey sent me over here, love you and love her... one of my fave sandwiches is wheat nutbread + sliced red apples + sliced avocados + goat cheese + lettuce = Yumminess!

  3. I have a whole list of this stuff in my phone notes when I'm braindead and need something fast/easy:

    - to make greens usually I either a) sautee with garlic and then add a few oz of water and cover, b) bring a cup of bouillion/water to a boil/add greens and cover or c) cut, toss with olive oil and salt/pepper and roast

    - avocado toast

    - pesto pasta with white beans (jarred non-dairy pesto with cannelini beans)

    - pierogis with apple sauce (+ greens)

    - raviolis with Earth Balance and nutritional yeast (+ greens)

    - cous cous and a) beans with garlic/onions, b) sauteed/steamed kale and garlic, c) steamed squash

    - pb and banana sandwich

    - roasted root veggies (squash, beet, carrot, potato) with olive oil, salt, pepper, chili powder

    - roasted brussels with garlic, lemon juice, salt, pepper

    - vegan frittata from vegan with a vengeance

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