Jan 29, 2011

Daily Outfit: Summer, you're missed.

I have these old lookbook photos from summer, and I figured I'd post them because I styled a skirt that I just listed in the shop.
It's a personal favorite of mine, it's actually one of the first garments I found in Grand rapids! It gave me hope that I could still thrift in the city haha.

Lace top- Thrifted and altered
Belt- Thrifted
Look, you can almost see charles peeking out from behind that milkweed! (Been missing him so much lately.)

I have a few more photos from this shoot that I will get up over the weekend. In the time being I'm hooked on catching up on UK skins season 3 and 4.

Currently listening - Crawled out of the sea by Laura Marling


  1. this dress is just amazingly pretty, so whimsical i adoreScrapbook de la Emma

  2. Wow! Lovely blog and so nice pictures :D The scenery are great!

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  3. I love the pictures.
    They're so beautiful!