Apr 19, 2011

Daily Outfit: Young professionals

I won a contest not too long ago from November Grey and The Loudmouth where I got to shop at Ann Taylor, a shop I normally don't have the funds to afford. It was nice to browse through a store like that for a change, when I am so used to thrift stores or giant chains filled with cheaply made junk. I browsed the sale section only, it's a personal rule of mine, and found this great fitted black skirt. It's simple but I figure is going to last me years and years, and can be pared with basically anything. I also got a pretty amazing sweater on super clearance, but that will make an appearance later.

Shirt: Vintage
Skirt: Ann taylor
Shoes: From my aunts trip to italy.

For all my college readers, we're almost done!!

And in other news, my UK friend is coming back to the states to stay with me for a month! Just about the best news anyone can get. This summer is going to be extraordinary .


  1. VERY pretty yellow! It suits you perfectly and is so vivid against the black. Love that you added blue shoes! Just lovely!


    Follow each other?

  2. Very nice! I love winning contests, :)

  3. gorgeous outfit! i LOVE yellow so obviously i love this shirt. the skirt was definitely a great purchase too! so versatile.