Jul 11, 2011

Hana Blow Dryer Review

I've never been asked to do a review of a product before so I was excited to give it a try. I initially thought, whats the difference in a hair dryer? but when you've been using the same 20 dollar options your whole life then of course there are no differences. Misikko contacted me and they sell a variety of ceramic flat irons, and professional hair dryers.

First off it was packaged nicely, and came with a few little goodies like shine protector and shampoo.

As for using it, its far more high powered than i'm used to so it dries my short hair in about 2 minutes. I've noticed a huge difference in how dried out and fuzzy my old hair dryer used to make my hair feel, compared to the Hana air dryer.
For a college student it's a bit over budget, but for people that can spend a little more I think it's worth it to get a professional hair dryer. I've really liked the results that I have seen.

And my household tip for everyone is put a nail in your bathroom wall and hang up your dryer because then you have loads more cabinet and counter space!

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