Aug 20, 2011

I hit the big one

I went garage sale shopping for 6 hours yesterday with my mother upon my return to metro detroit. Almost all the sales we went to were overpriced boring junk, include an "antique seller" who I remember having a very nasty experience with a couple years ago and I vowed never to give a penny to. Heres a tip to all sellers, don't be a jerk to potential customers, (I know you guys couldn't have figured that out on your own).
But really, we finally hit an estate sale and every time I asked the guy to price something for me he kinda scrunched up his face and said "a nickel", okay, SOLD. Craft supplies, antiques, cool boxes and tins, I took an arm full and my total was a dollar.
I did find a few things at other sales, which of course we more than a nickel, but all in all I have a pretty great haul.

(For the string light collection)

Soup banks!

You can't really see from this photo but I keep going to thrift stores and garage sales and finding these clear tea cups, but I only ever find one, (not including the 3 I dropped and broke at the goodwill outlet) and I am slowly building my collection. I currently have 3, and I have no stoping number, I'll stop when I quit finding them. I think an entire wall in a kitchen with these guys hanging on hooks would look sensational.

(okay, that roll of string for 5 cents? I got two)

The anomaly of the day.

I become infinitely more chatty when I start writing about garage sales, and it's 8:30 am so I better get to some more!