Aug 12, 2011

Recent thrift finds

I was dabbling with the idea of starting to document some of the garage sales I go to. While I find a lot of neat vintage finds, theres always the wacky stuff that doesn't get shown. I think some photos of the actual hunt would be fun, and it would show the sort of junk you sometimes have to weed through. If that's something you'd be interested in reading let me know! It'll be a better reason for me to get going on it.

Until then, this is some of the stuff I've collected in the past couple weeks.

Probably one of my favorite thrift finds ever. If I could have a wall of these I think it'd be the best interior decorating move of my life.

Couldn't pass on this goat head.

This is a dart board and I believe the brewing company is one from london. I found this piece for 30 cents and couldn't resist it as wall art.

A 1940s plastic shelf for the bathroom, made to look like wicker. It's hard to pass up something that kitschy because I know someone will love it.

Part of a tapestry I found.

That orange silk top was also a recent find!

I just love reading about what people find at thrift stores and yard sales. My new favorite show is American Pickers because it's just a couple guys that adore the hunt. I wonder if there are shows in other countries about the same stuff. Collecting so much junk and hoarding I feel like must be an American thing, where else do people throw away so many of their objects making it possible for people to get warehouses full of objects? Picking in europe would be amazing to see though because of the possible age of some of the things that could be found. Now I have to go watch Pickers while I have my morning coffee.


  1. love your outfit and the dog statue- they go so well together!


  2. There's a great book called American Junk you might like. I love that goat's head, and the boxer art is cool too! I would love to see some garage sale posts. I watch Pickers too.