Oct 31, 2011

Bag of bones

Happy Halloween! Although I am going to class all day this is still my favorite holiday and I can't wait to go buy a ton of candy when it goes on sale.

I have always wanted to be a skeleton, but I've never believed in buying my costumes, it's just not part of my holiday tradition! So I found this black bodysuit at the goodwill and I stitched on all of the bones out of cut out pieces of felt. It took forever, but I am so happy with it! and now whenever I need a costume I'll have a go to one in my closet.

I did paint my face for one night of events, but that only lasted about 15 minutes. Cheap face paint is the worst thing ever.
 What were your costumes? Play any good tricks on anyone?

 I am entered in two halloween DIY contests, so if you guys like the costume please take a second to go show it some love on Lookbook and on Chictopia!


  1. YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!!! I can't believe you made that. Wow, girl.... that's some serious dedication. The grass and door shots are my fave. Happy Halloween!!!

    Tanya xx

    November Grey & Secondhand Star

  2. nice DIY! looks fabulous!


  3. This is the best skeleton costume I've ever seen, adorable.

  4. i love the last photo - there is definitely an atmosphere! ;-)

  5. I'm tumbl'ing that picture of you in the grass. Number one Halloween costume EVER.

  6. whoa! that is the best DIY costume ever!! it looks amazing!