Oct 12, 2011

Daily outfit: Dog Tapestry

Probably most people under the age of 70 would think this dog tapestry purse was a little corny, but it's my new favorite purse. I'll have to get a better photo of the design, it's amazing all the breeds on one little bag! It cost 30 cents, I love the strange junk you can find at the Goodwill outlet.

I guess I didn't mean to be looking down in every photo, but I am teaching my friend kathleen the ins and outs of the camera so all I have are photos of me looking down or really ridiculous laughing photos.

Jeans: Levis
Shirt: Thrifted
Necklace: Thrifted
Shoes: Amazon. I traded an old text book for these bad boys.
Purse: Goodwill outlet


  1. As always PERFECT neckless , and i adore the shoes i bought a pair similar to yours 2 weeks ago !