Oct 7, 2011

Daily outfit: Indian Summer

It's been 80 degrees today, a little too hot for october but i'll take one last day without a jacket. I celebrated  the day by having thai food in the park.

If you hold up some old 70s sunglasses to the lens of your camera you'll get an instant vintage effect without any photoshopping. What else could I take a picture through? I'm gonna go experiment.

Dress c/o Chictopia and Threadsence.
Black Leotard: Thrifted
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: Handmade

Check out cute little Toby today, he will probably get adopted tomorrow!

Also I am super excited to say that I'll be starting up a blog swap soon with some very stylish ladies. Flattery, District of Chic, and the Hummingbird girls are all on board so far. We'll be showing all the versatile ways secondhand clothing can be worn, to promote buying used instead of new. If you want to get involved send me an email lovecharlesvintage@gmail.com


  1. we are having crazy warm temps too. on the one hand, i LOVE it, but on the other, it seems strange to be sweaty in october! oh well. it'll be freezing soon enough. i love that dress!! beautiful color and the tulip-y skirt is so pretty.

  2. We're having an Indian Summer as well. It's been 40 degrees in the mornings/at night but this weekend is supposed to be in the 70s/80s! Anyway, you look really lovely (:


  3. ooo, cute dress, love the top :) and thanks for the photog tip! good to know.

  4. It's been delightfully warm in my town; I've heard the words 'indian summer' more than ever before.

    This light is so warm and photographs beautifully. You really are an absolute beauty! x

  5. it will be in the 80s here this weekend and i welcome it!

    ps. love toby! he matches your place so well. keep him!
    pps. check out my bowtie giveaway!

  6. love the pics and the neckless is so so unique...

  7. I'm super excited for the swap! I can't wait to style up some lovely finds that you send this way :-) And I love the purple in your dress. I am such a sucker for purple, and this dress is just a lovely piece <3

  8. i love this outfit so much!! :)