Oct 24, 2011

Philadelphia, Occupy, Jersey Shore

I spent more time in the car than I spent in philadelphia, but at least I ate amazing falafel.

I just wore this for 4 days. Occasionally when I travel I have no desire to take anything with me. The lack of options is much more freeing.
Shirt: Goodwill outlet
Sweater: Thrifted
Jeans: Levis
Shoes: Early birthday gift, old navy, on clearance, and I highly recommend them.

I wandered, I checked out the occupy movement, I went on a good vintage adventure (to be posted tomorrow). But the best part was actually Selinsgrove, PA where I went to a homey little restaurant called Kinfolk and the sidewalks were all brick and the fall colors could really be appreciated. The whole trip just made me want to camp in the woods. If you're ever driving through PA, I'd recommend Selinsgrove for sure. I tried to check out Jersey Shore but nothing there enticed me to get out of the car.

Jersey Shore, PA.

I highly recommend Maoz for falafel in downtown Philadelphia.

Occupy Philadelphia.

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  1. i love this outfit! it looks so comfy but completely chic at the same time... adore the layeringg!