Dec 31, 2011

2011 Style Recap

Most valuable lessons I learned while maintaining whatever style I've got- Keep hair short. Don't ever live in Allendale, MI. Avoid the mall.

Overall its been an eventful year. Moved, graduated college, started making quilts, fostered 3 dogs, participated in my first craft fair, had my bike stolen, started paying all my bills via etsy sales. Hopefully 2012 brings more traveling, and more business undertakings.

Do you guys have any resolutions you can share? 


  1. Great style photos and hair style! I think one of years resolution is to be more patient :)

  2. Aww I loved seeing this, you have some amazing prints in here & I adore your look w/ high socks. Sounds like an exciting year- congrats on being able to pay some bills w/ Etsy sales, def a big accomplish right there (let alone graduating from college- huge congrats!! Oh, and realizing to avoid the mall... some people spend their whole lives and never realize that one hehe. Hope your 2012's off to a great start : )

  3. You have gorgeous style! I especially love the last four photos in your 2011 recap. I've been haunting your blog and shop for ages, and I think you have fabulous taste! Good luck in 2012! <3