Feb 4, 2012

Daily outfit: Garage door

These photos are from right before I came back to Detroit, here all the snow has melted and its sunny out! I'm getting lots of photos while I'm home, hanging out with darling Charles, and filling my car with vintage to put in the store. Super excited to get back to work and list the hundreds of things I have!

Coat: Coming to the store soon | Pants: Thrifted | Boots: DSW | Necklace: Vintage

Lots of you guys want sponsor tips so I am gonna put that together later this week when I get back to Grand Rapids.
Until there here are a couple sneak peeks of 50s dresses that will make their way to the shop. They were already posted to my facebook page.


  1. the vintage dresses look lovely! can't wait to see them in full view. :)

    also, your coat is awesome.

  2. Beautiful coat, the details and color play well together!

  3. How do you always get so many lovely items? I love that coat and can't wait to see all those dresses :)

    My green garage door has been my best friend for taking pictures lately, hahaha.


  4. That coat is incredible. I love the color! I may just have to snap that up when it goes in your shop...
    Being home is so wonderful isn't it? Especially when it involves vintage!

  5. Oh, I'm jealous of the snow in these pictures!

  6. Thanks for your sweety coment :) I like this photos so much, specially your coat!!
    A really great blog dear, ill follow your new posts :)
    Coment my new outfit in http://s-justcarpediem.blogspot.com/
    Follow me and ill do the same :)

  7. I love your coat! its super adorable and the color is beautiful.


  8. Wow that coat is perfect! Such a great color and shape.

  9. beautiful dresses! and lovely photos!