Mar 22, 2012

Daily outfit: Back to basics

This is not an exciting outfit, but I wanted to show off my new vintage necklace and leopard loafers. The first leopard print I've ever worn I believe!

I'd like to list where everything came from but it's kind of embarrassing. The jeans are thrifted and made skinny using my tutorial and they have the ever so flattering "tummy control" permanently stamped on the inside of them. The tank top is thrifted and I looked at the tag and realized it was from dressbarn. I guess I'm getting older.
The shoes are candies brand, although I had been waiting for the steve maddens to go on sale a bit more. I had a 10 buck coupon so I had to snag them.


  1. First of all, that necklace is sooo cute, as are your loafers. I'm not the biggest leopard print fan but I do love those. Secondly, I love that your top is from dress barn. hehe It reminds me of my discovery the other day that one of my dresses is from Coldwater Creek. I was sort of embarrassed. And felt like an old lady. But that's ok because it's a cute dress. :)

  2. It's always funny to look at the brand inside thrifted clothing. There have definitely been times when I'm quite surprised - when it's a store I would never have shopped at! That's the beauty of thrifting, isn't it? :)

  3. I love the loafers. It's so weird to look where the awesome things that you thrift come from. It's so often a store that I would NEVER really shop at.

  4. I adore those loafers! I just purchased/wore my first leopard print item a couple of months ago too, and I understand how awesome it feels the first time you pull it on and walk out the door. I felt a bit awkward at first, but once I accepted what I was wearing was bad ass, I felt way cooler!

    My favorite part of thrifting is finding and falling in love with items from stores and brands you would never normally have given a second glance, or had the opportunity to encounter. That top is lovely though!