Mar 12, 2012

Portland, Oregon, and i-80

I don't know how to organize all these photos so here is a random assortment of photos from the drive there and back, downtown, and some vintage finds.

Lets start with the drive there.

Right off of i-80 in Iowa is the American Pickers store. Was pretty disappointed it was more of a tourest trap instead of everything I dreamed of and more, but what can I expect. Still had lots of cool old stuff in it.

Got delayed in Wyoming due to a windy whiteout storm. Pulled over on a random road at 4 in the morning and tried to sleep until daylight but I was just worried we'd all get killed by zombies or vampires or something.

Utah. It's pretty.

In Portland on the steps by the saturday market.

Went there 3 times, don't regret it.

At the Portland art museum. Well worth a visit!

On the way to the coast.

Couldn't resist buying these crazy 60s earrings.

Silk floral shirt coming to the shop soon.

Off of i-84 in Oregon is the duplicative forest. aka a gigantic tree farm. It's cool! You can see it from the highway.

Tomorrow I've got loads of photos to post from the Oregon coast.


  1. I love this very first photo and the ones of the museum so much! Looks like a lovely trip! :)

  2. Oh my gosh this is wonderful! I'm moving near Portland in the fall and can't wait to go to all these fancy places. Thank you for posting about it!

  3. Ah, I love love that first picture with the snow! Yes, anyone visiting Oregon must go to VooDoo Doghnut, MUST I tell you!

  4. So amazing! Looks like a wonderful trip!!!

  5. awesome! looks SO fun! and that photo of you in the snow is amazing!!

  6. i adore that first photo of you..! also i'm super jealous. oregon/portland is beautiful! i just love the pacific northwest.

  7. Wow, what a fun trip! That place may have been a tourist trap but at least you got a fantastic picture out of it, eh? :)

  8. Awesome earrings! I was supposed to do an Iowa road trip to see the American Pickers' store but now I'm glad I didn't after reading your entry.

    Also, I'll be in Grand Rapids next weekend with 2 other bloggers so maybe we could do a meetup?

  9. Love the snow photo. The pictures are all really lovely. Seems like a fantastic trip.

  10. Loving your trip photos, especially the first one. The snow is beautiful!

  11. thanks for sharing! i laughed when you mentioned being worried about zombies...i would've been worried, too!