Mar 14, 2012

Too many photos of the Oregon coast

I spent two of my days in Oregon climbing around on rocks and hiking miles through the woods and it was easily the best part of the vacation. The oregon coast is beautiful and if it wasn't sooo far away I'd probably go live in a little cabin near the ocean. The woods photos come from a nice 2.5 mile hike into a cape. The trail was called Cape Falcon and it was well worth going to! You get beach, mountains, and forest. The other location we went to was called Boiler Bay and that was more of a quick climb down some rocks to the ocean, but I saw the majority of my sea creatures there, and I spotted a bald eagle! (One of the best moments of my life.)

 Cape Falcon Oregon (The view once you reach the top!)

Boiler Bay Look at that!
haha right after I saw the bald eagle.

 That concludes the vacation photos, I am already planning an east coast road trip because staying home just doesn't seem like much fun.


  1. These photos are amazing!The starfish one is probably my favorite, or the colorful anemone one.

  2. Holy beautiful! That trail reminded of something you'd see in New England, until you hit the cape - so different and a great juxtaposition between forest & ocean!

  3. it looks absolutely amazing and breathtaking! i love the pnw. it looks like you had a great time. and i don't blame you! get back on the road! ;)

  4. Ahhh, I love the Pacific Northwest. Maybe I'll live there after I live in San Francisco for awhile. :)

  5. wow wow wow! these photos are stunning! i'm so eager to live in the pacific northwest and go on all kind of adventures and see things like this. :)

  6. It's so magical! I must get up there stat.