Apr 4, 2012

Daily Outfit: Marathon

My moms been yelling at me that I haven't blogged enough lately. I've been spending time outside playing bag toss and biking! Anyway, I snapped some outfit pics for my mom. I feel like I've been doing laundry for three days straight cleaning all this new stuff I've got. But as a result lots of new vintage will be listed over the next couple weeks!

Dress: H&M ($10!) | Shoes: BC | Necklace: vintage


  1. Wow! H&M dress for $10! What a score! And I think its adorable that you're mum yells at you for not blogging!!

    x Aliya

  2. Yay for new vintage! Also, that dress is killer...how on earth did you snag it for so little?!


  3. I think that it is so cute you mom cares how often you blog!
    and i love that dress, it's so pretty!
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. haha I love that! My mom always mentions when I'm not blogging too. Our biggest fans. :]

    I really love the retro shape of that dress!

  5. What a bargain dress! It's adorable and so is your mum for pestering you to update your blog. :)