Jul 30, 2012

One wall, multiple frames.

My wall. After two months I finally hung up my pictures, and I thought a collection of different frames and pictures would fit my eclectic decor. Sticking to one theme helps, I've got animal and nature images to tie everything together.

 How do you display your pictures?


  1. looks great! i've been collecting frames and eclectic wall hangings for awhile now...i just have commitment issues when it comes to hanging them up. i suppose i should just go for it. you make it look so easy! ;)

  2. Gorgeous!! Love this, can't wait to have a nice space to decorate how I please :)


  3. This is one of my favourite frame walls I've seen...the frames are gorgeous, as are the pictures and I love that you've got a symmetrical higgeldy piggeldyness going on :)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm currently working on a gallery wall of my own & I wish it looked this awesome!