Oct 2, 2012

Four eyes

Well, so, I'm pretty blind, and while I used to dislike the fact that I had to wear glasses, now I quite enjoy trying different frames and colors. A lot of websites offer free frames for first time customers, and since I am on a pretty tight budget its nice to be able to get some backup frames for just the cost of shipping. Previously used to 150 dollar glasses, I was pretty amazed at this deal.
These specs are from Firmoo, and Firmoo also offers free glasses to first time customers. You can google first pair free to see all the sites that offer this deal. My Firmoo glasses so far are my favorite, but Coastal is another website I have ordered glasses from before and they have a very big selection. (I just didn't end up picking a pair that looked very good on me, my bad.)

I ordered this pair and have been wearing them for about 2 weeks to see how they hold up. I am very happy with how sturdy they feel, and how comfortable they are. Certainly something to check out if you're in the market for some new specs!


  1. i've gotten an email from firmoo but i haven't taken them up on their offer for free glasses yet! i love this pair that you got. they look great with your face. :)

  2. When I first discovered I had to wear glasses I was the same. I hated it and would rarely wear them. I went through a phase with contact lenses too. But I really don't know why I was so self conscious about them. I love them!

  3. These look so cute on you! I'll definitely have to 'window shop' these:)

  4. Love your frames!

    xo Jennifer


  5. Love 'em! They look lovely on you.

  6. I found you trough firmoo...you look amazing (:
    I'm following!

  7. I love the glasses! I'm waiting for mine to come too - I can't wait to see how they are!