Oct 12, 2012

Thrift finds

I think I'm going to make thrift finds a regular little feature, just a break from outfits and shop updates to show the lovely little things you can find secondhand. Finding a castoff item for some reason is worlds more interesting than shopping for new things, and fills the space I live in with lots of stories about how the items were discovered. Although I do try to be picky, and when new things come in I like old things to go out, to avoid the whole hoarding issue I like to watch on television. As much as I want to collect, I need to find a balance.

For now I've decided having a zoo of metal animals would be a good investment of time and money... so thats what I'm hunting for. My novelty string light obsession has calmed down, as I have more than my electricity bill needs.

Its a box!

The bird illustrations are going to make such good wall art. (25 cents for both books..)

Got these yesterday. Leather, Made in the USA.

Gourd candles for the season.


  1. Those loafers are amazing! Is the black bit suede?

    x Aliya

    1. Not suede, just really soft leather! I seriously can't wear anything else lately.
      Thanks for the comment!