Dec 4, 2012

My pin collection

While this is far from my entire collection, these are the few that made it with me when I moved. I've lately been fascinated with brooches and they're something I can see myself looking for more carefully while out thrifting. (The flowers are two new additions.)

On another note, I really love photographing collections, and I want to start photographing more. Mine, yours, anyones! (Another project, just what I need to think about before Christmas.)


  1. Those are great collection.
    It`s so vintage. I think I like the cross pin.


  2. Ooooooh, there all so lovely! My favorite is the cameo! I guess because I absolutely love cameos and have a little collection of them myself!

  3. Brooches are my favourite accessory and I love finding new ones while out thrifting! You have such a pretty collection. :)