Dec 6, 2012

Only a paper moon

One of my pins in action, my favorite bug brooch that I got at a garage sale for 1 dollar.

 Striped blouse: 50s
Black knit top: 60s
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Amazon
Pin: Garage sale

I can't stop listening to Cliff Edwards, not that I'm complaining.


  1. Love your outfit and that pin is adorable! I swear the best things we find are always at garage sales or thrift shops!!!

  2. You are too adorable! That collar. The shoes. And the gorgeous little brooch! Love it. :)

  3. That pin is so cute! Good find!

  4. white and black looks SO good on you. this is adorable! everything! those shoes are way cute, and ahhh that PIN!!