Dec 2, 2012

Thrift finds #5

I'm excited for this addition of thrift finds because it leads to a project. I've found some great dresses this week, all of which are not pictured to allow for surprise, but I also picked up some yardage of a cute cotton print and found the perfect pattern to go along with it. I'm still looking for the right pattern for the architectural fabric I found last month.

This 50s dress fits perfectly.. How will I part with it?

The fabric...

and the middle dress will be the pattern I use, how cute is that??


  1. Love that pattern, and the shoes! Can't wait to see how your dress turns out :)

  2. Such great finds! :)

  3. I need those oxfords!! sooo cute.

  4. That dress with that fabric will look so adorable! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. :)

  5. Those shoes are delightful! Love the birdie fabric, should look super cute!