Feb 10, 2013

How - To : Animal Mason Jars

There are lots of animal jars floating around the internet but I thought i'd post the few that I made. This was actually a project I did last summer and completely forgot I had photos of. The jars look great as storage. I've got some holding candy on the dining room table, and some holding beads in my room.

I'm the kind of person that hates having anything go to waste, so this is a good project to recycle glass jars, and old toys.

Start with some jars, I washed pickle jars and other various food jars that I thought were too nice to toss in recycling.

Then you gotta collect some little trinkets. I picked plastic animals.

Lay down some paper and spray paint thin layers of gold (I used Krylon gold from Jo-anns) until the entire animal is covered, and the top of the jars you want to use are also covered.

After the paint is all dry just stick your trinkets to the top of the jar lid with some glue. (e6000 works great!) Thats all it takes, super quick project for an interesting bit of decor.
I've got so many plastic animals left that I think I'll do taxidermy magnets next.


  1. I saw this on pinterest recently. You've inspired me / motivated me even more to try this. Love.