Mar 4, 2013


I am already planning when I can go back. I went to the beach, swam around caves, photographed my friends wedding, saw a reggae concert on the beach until 3am, ate the best food, and scootered around exploring for an entire day. I stayed at Bananas Gardens which was the most lush, and incredible place to relax. The owner cooked us amazing breakfasts, and was very informative about areas and restaurants to visit. She wants everyone that stays with her to have an amazing experience.

My friend and I scootered all over the west end of the island and went to "Jamaica's Jurassic park" which was a 25 year old guy that made huge pterodactyl sculptures, it was out in the middle of nowhere but such a great place to stumble on. I saw the familiar jurassic park logo while we were driving and screamed to turn around and follow that sign.

After that we couldn't resist finding our way into a fenced off abandoned resort that we'd passed. It was massive, and very eerie, but thats my favorite kind of thing to stumble on when traveling. There was an oceanside pool that was filled by waves that we went swimming in. Found out later that the owner of the resort is in prison in the US for drug dealing, so he probably won't mind that we used his pool.

I want to go back for my birthday in November, the people there are something else, and the culture is so different than here it makes it the most refreshing vacation. Going out for dinner is about a 3 hour process, but you just drink your rum punch and relax. No one is in a rush, and everyone wants to say hello to you and tell you to have a good day. 
Fitzroy representing Detroit.

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  1. Sounds fantastic! Island life is something else, isn't it? I'm a huge advocate of no pressure and taking it easy. I actually feel like I accomplish more when I'm in that island type of mindset.