Apr 11, 2013

Wearing my of my favorite 70s sweaters, in front of the linen drapes I just thrifted. 


  1. Gorgeous photo and I love your sweater.

  2. Lovely. Are you going to shorten the drapes?

    1. I was going to.. but since I live in a rental, I figured I would let them pool on the floor until I get a look at any future windows. It's growing on me.

  3. Great Sweater and Drapes! Amazing you found some so long! So dramatic and cozy!

  4. Lovely photo, gorgeous sweater!
    Weird question: Do you find that your vintage "style" is marred at all by your very short hair?
    I cut my hair very short (pixie cut) and it is also dyed golden blond - It's a strange choice for me, as I love the vintage looks of the 1930's, '40's and '50's, rather than the waif/pixie look of the 60's and '70's - I was just wondering how you fit your hairstyle into your vintage style?


  5. I used to have longer hair, but I keep my hair pixie short for convenience, so I've got to make it work for whatever decade I feel like wearing. There were some great short hair styles in the 20s, so I think it's easy enough to incorporate into 30s looks. For the 40s and 50s sometimes just adding a bit of makeup helps make the hair "fit" with the clothing of those decades. I think 50s dresses look particularly nice with a comb over.