Nov 29, 2018

NEW eShakti FX

Want to know what one of my favorite dresses has been for the last several years? This one from eShakti.

I went to checkout their new FX feature which offers you tons of options to alter your dress. eShakti has always been known for their customization, so I was excited to see how they have developed their service. Now you can SEE what your customization will look like before you order!

I started with this basic Sheath Maxi Dress, and began playing around with the customizable options.

I ended up with something that looked pretty different from the original, and totally suited my taste! 
Just look for the "FX" in the upper right corner to see which garments offer this new feature, and have fun playing around with the design! It makes a world of difference to be able to see a preview of your selections.

Sep 14, 2015

Hat Preview

All of them are coming to etsy this week! 

Sep 15, 2014

Hat Preview

I am so excited by the latest hat batch that I had to share a preview. All hats will be trickling into the shop in the next week.

Jun 25, 2014

Etsy Update

Lots of summer frocks have made their way into the store!

 Click the image to read more info.