Aug 9, 2009

How to style it: Oversized Men's Button Up

I've got a bunch of vintage 1970s button ups from my dad, or that I've picked up at bag sales. The colors and patterns made me want to find ways to wear them. There aren't many options besides roll the sleeves up and wear them open, but the items you can pair with them can vary to provide different outfits.

Paired with a striped tank and a highwaisted skirt, I liked this one a lot, and it was also pretty comfortable.

This one was worn over a dress. I think if the shirt had not been quite as long I might have liked the overall look more, but I think in theory it works. I also want to try this with an oversized sparkly top, might be cute for parties, yes?

My favorite, worn with skinny jeans and belted with a vintage chain belt. Ankle boots and a giant oversized bag added interest to the outfit.

Now I just need to start cutting them up to make skirts.


  1. hmmm...yes I like the third one, too! Maybe I'll have to grab some big shirts from MY dad sometime.

  2. Great blog! I really like all the styles, though I definitly like the last one best as well. It's hip without being hipster, I feel.

  3. I really like that you do different looks with the same piece. I have been trying to find something that 70s brownish yellow color but so far nothing. It'll happen soon. All the looks are adorable! :)