Aug 11, 2009

A taste of fall

The heat of summer always makes me miss fall scarves.

The dress is just a basic cotton one that I thrifted. The scarf is gigantic and extra soft, it's my favorite.
It's hard to see the bright canary yellow cabochons on the belt but they are my favorite part of the whole outfit.
A vintage purse and brown flats to finish off the look.


  1. Fall is my favorite season too! That scarf is lovely on you.

  2. I miss my scarves too.....but I still try to wear them throughout the summer. And then I feel stupid for wearing a scarf in the hot heat. I love this purple on purple you're doing! And the belt is very nice!!

  3. Great fall look! i love all the purple hues....I must borrow this idea! :)

  4. This outfit is beautiful. That deep purple scarf is amazing.

    Love your blog and your Etsy Shop!