Aug 18, 2009

Latest Project

I've been refurbishing a lot of furniture lately due to my excitement of moving to Grand Rapids with my best friend.
After all, your apartment needs to be stylish as well.

The glass is leftover from a class thats at my college. The tool man lets me pick through it and take all the scraps I want.
The table I got for 1.50 at a church sale.
I have about 5 more in the works, photos to come.


  1. What a pretty table! I love how your DIY project turned out.

  2. Wow - I'm very impressed with your handiwork! Beautiful table! - Jenna

  3. That is gorgeous, I have done tables in the past as well. Not as complicated as yours. Mine were with tile, grout and sometimes broken old plates and such. It's really fun to do furniture DIYs.