Jan 21, 2010


Once I enter an antique store I have a hard time leaving. I think I was in this one for about 3 hours, and only left because of starvation.
I went searching for some inspiration for a 1920s looking business card, and of course didn't find anything, but the whole store was fun to look at.
There were a few 1950s dress I was tempted to buy, and countless 60s purses, however I only left with an old military patch for my new coat. (Photos of that to come.)


  1. Oh, I would have been in this store for hours, too!!! LOVE antiquing!

    P.S. I love the banner, but your blog doesn't fit on my screen anymore! I can't see anything on the right without scrolling over..

  2. Rats, I may have made it too wide.
    Changed things a bit, hopefully now it's fixed!