Mar 14, 2010

Daily outfit: Home again

Back from my trip to the west side of the state, I am very much an east coast girl.
Consolidating your wardrobe for a few days is always so hard, who knows what you're going to feel like wearing?! I enjoyed coming home and digging through my closet again,

Dress: Salvation army
Cardigan: F21
Boots: Dana Buchman


  1. So beautiful and understated! I'm curious--what do you see as the biggest difference between East coast/West coast?
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. This outfit is SO gorgeous! I love the proportions, and you rock that dress!

  3. This look is sooo classy and perfectly balanced - Love it!

  4. love this outfit,especially the boots,yummy!

  5. Maggie - Thrifting is a lot different over on the east coast, the amount of thrift stores in my area is hugely vast, and on the west they are much less frequent. Plus there is a lot less vintage to be found, which is just about the most devastating thing I could find out!
    Pricing is also much more expensive on the west. The east coast has a lot more sales, and lower prices. I was surprised at how different pricing was.
    While I'm living on the west side I am coming back east to do my shopping!

  6. Soo beautiful...

  7. I love how you kept the outfit very monochromatic maybe to play up the little pop of colour at the bottom of the cardigan. It is a very beautiful piece indeed. F21 continues to surprise me. The photos have a very elegant feel to them.