Apr 6, 2010

MOUK vintage

A friend of mine recently opened up an etsy store and already is stocking it with tons of simple vintage basics that are great additions to a spring wardrobe. There are tons of cute pieces I want to sport!
Here is a quick interview with Megan from MOUK vintage to help get to know her better.

1. Name, where you reside, your history, etc. –

My name is Megan Schram and I live in Lake Orion, MI. My fiancĂ©, Brenton, also has lot of involvement with MOUK, as does my mom, Ann. I have an almost 2 year old daughter, Lydia, who has inspired me to become a crafty mama. We’re driven to make this world a more creative place for her and share with her our appreciation for vintage and handmade items. Aside from estate sale picking, I enjoy photography, cooking, sewing, knitting, and riding my bike.

2. When and why did you start MOUK vintage?

We started MOUK vintage earlier this year. My mom has been taking me to garage sales for as long as I can remember, and I just started getting passionate about them in 2008. I love spending Saturday mornings digging through basements and boxes, looking for neat vintage items. This past year we decided it would be a fun way to make some extra money, and it has kind of evolved from there.

3. What is the philosophy behind MOUK?

The idea behind MOUK is to give vintage items a new life. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a pile of clothes in a closet or forgotten casserole dishes and knowing that I can clean them up and find them a new home.

We’re also working on a line of handmade children’s clothing. We’ll soon have screen printed horror movie onesies and rompers and handmade leggings. Because hip parents should be able to dress their little ones just as cool as them!

4. Can you describe your process for selecting items for your store?

When selecting items for our store we look for unique things. We don’t want to offer anything that you can go out and buy at a store. We also look for quality, which is why we offer Pyrex and Fire King dishes and clothing that is in great condition.

5. What is your own personal style like?

I mostly wear leggings and cardigans. I have a few vintage cardigans from the 40’s and 50’s that I love. I also love and own a lot of vintage jewelry that has been handed down to me from my grandma, Ema.

6. Do you have a favorite vintage find?
We recently visited the estate of a woman named Arlynn who worked at Hudson’s from 1940 to 1970 and was a hoarder. This is where we got the majority of our clothes for the shop, but my favorite find was one of her journals. It has personal writings about her day-to-day life. I just think it’s really great.

Take a peek if you get a chance!


  1. Aw. Such cute stuff. Sigh. Love!

  2. im excited to check this out! thanks for posting, i love discovering new sellers at Etsy. :)
    xoxo, rose

  3. thanks for sharing! Excited to look! x

  4. Love that cardigan! What a simple and charming design!


  5. Oh gosh, what amazing pieces! Seriously! Also, looking at previous posts & I just want to let you know that you resemble a cooler-looking version of Zooey Deschanel. :)


  6. Great interview! I a in love with the second to last item...the sweater! I am going to go check it out now...as I am hoping that it is not already sold!

  7. Edit: I just ordered the sweater! yay!

  8. So many pretty things. Going over to check out more now! :D