Jul 17, 2010

Daily Outfit: While you Wait

I just had my wisdom teeth pulled out so I've been dozing in bed for the past few days. Working on updating the shop with a few amazing 1950s dresses I've been hoarding.

Yesterday my friend took me to a private little lake and we floated around on rafts for an hour or two. A pretty excellent way to spend the summer!

My favorite Target suit!

This outfit is from a few days ago, I just sported it around doing errands on a somewhat rainy day.

Pants: Thrifted
Tank: Target
Blazer/Purse/Shoes: Thrifted
Necklace: Handmade

I'm getting photos together from my recent thrifting travels to Port Huron, MI. Also planning a trip to Canada and Milwaukee for more thrifting before July is over. I'd love to turn this into a travel blog of everywhere I visit everything I thrift along the way. Hopefully I'll slowly be able to morph it into that as I finish up school and begin to visit more places.
I also have a really good review coming and I'm calling in one of my photographer friends to snag some special photos!

Hope you're all enjoying the summer! If you recently had your teeth pulled feel free to leave a comment so we can complain together.


  1. I always love that jacket on you, it's perfect! Wisdom teeth, ow, hope you are recovering well.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. that blzer is so well-cut & pretty with the gold applique <3 such inspiration to do something to my plain ones. cant wait for your thrifting pictures!

  3. Ow, I hope you're feeling better soon!

    That swimsuit is so cute, great buy from Target.

    I'm incredibly jealous of that coat, I have been looking for one just like it (and the badge is a lovely touch, too) after buying a coat that looks like Michael Jackson circa Billie Jean and Thriller.

    Your blog always manages to leave a smile on my face, no matter the occasion. I just wanted to let you know that.

    Hope you're enjoying your Summer.
    Much Love,
    Norah xx


  4. I love that top and jacket together, you have such great style!!

    Little Rachael Vintage

  5. Love that outfit, very classy! Hope you're feeling better after your wisdom teeth removal!

  6. Your blazer is amazing, and I wish you speedy recovery :)), kindly let me know when you have updated your store, and I am following you at twitter, wishing you a fabulous monday :)), XOXO

  7. hope you're feeling alright after your wisdom teeth surgery!

    This outfit is wonderul. It's so sophisticated. I added it to my outfit inspiration folder.

  8. Oh God this makes me a little nervous since I have to get mines pulled pretty soon. Is it really as bad as people make it out to be??

    PS: I have a very similar suit but it's blue/white & great outfit!

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  10. Oh happy day! Not widsom tooth pulling day but there after...I remember my day...I have a horrible horrible photo of me in the garage looking about as gruesome and swollen as can be. It was NOT a fun time for me. Therefore, I am surprised and delighted to see you in a swimsuit upon such a removal!

  11. I like your outfit! and your blog as well..

  12. Are you still here in the detroit area?

  13. omg that first picture is too cute! cute blog

    Anna Katrina

  14. Great blazer, you look so stylish!


  15. Seriously, adorable bathing suit! And this outfit is so sophisticated and chic.