Jul 22, 2010

Port Huron, MI. A new venture.

This is the first post in what I hope to be a new and exciting direction for this blog. I can't dedicate full time to it yet, but I have plans to travel to little towns all over the US to write about what I experience and find vintage treasures. It's something I need to do for myself to experience what there is to offer out there, and this way I can spread it around for anyone to enjoy.

The first place I'm writing about is Port Huron, MI, which is only around an hour away from where I grew up. However, I hadn't taken a trip there since I was very little.
I set off on the road with a list of thrift stores in hand, ready to find anything I could. The best place I stopped at was a very tiny thrift store set on a dead end street off the main road. I tried on a handful of things but left with two 70's pieces that were too charming to pass up. It was just a quick day trip so there wasn't tons of time, but after thrifting my two travel buddies and I stopped to visit Lighthouse Park and took a quick swim and laid around for a bit.
I noticed Port Huron has a lot of dollar stores, and a lot of bowling alleys. I couldn't help but take note.

Now for the vintage finds -

I loved the ruffle on this 1970s skirt and how appropriate I felt tromping around in a field in it.

Claudia is wearing the blue 70's dress I picked up. It's ridiculously comfortable and we loved it with all the metal accessories.

Both of the items are up for sale in my shop, and I'm working on shooting a lookbook for the items I found on my southwest trip. I'm also planning trips to Toronto, Milwaukee, and Chicago in the next week and I'm very excited to hit the road again.

Click the image to go to the etsy listing.

I hope you all like the first post! I can't wait to do more.


  1. Adorable 1970s vintage skirt!! Love your blog, I'm a new follower.

  2. So pretty.

    Little Rachael Vintage

  3. Such a cute idea and good finds! Can't wait to see where you go next...