Sep 27, 2010

Daily Outfit: Sleeping Patterns

Good grief, I have literally no time. 16 credits, business, homework, I'm afraid i'm slacking on the blog.
But however slow it is now, at some point I'll be able to pick it up! I'm still going to try my hardest to update as often as I can.

Gray Sweater: Thrifted
Jeans: Reconstructed
Blazer: Dalena Vintage
Shoes: Ralph Lauren
Necklace: Handmade

I did manage to get to downtown grand rapids to see some of ArtPrize, and I plan on going back next weekend. Lots of good art to look at.
Other than that my life is dull.

On my way home from school I found this note on the ground.
Check out those last two lines!


  1. I love your sweater, and your necklace is real cute!

  2. the outfit is great per usual -- BUT THOSE LYRICS ARE AMAZING. would love to have that printed onto a shirt. scribbles, creases, lobster and all!

  3. Hmmm, interesting um, er, lyrics? Love your necklace.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  4. Your necklace is amazing!

    And um I think you found the next big hit, just need to put some beats to it and you'll be the next bieber... haha

    Sparrow & Urchin

  5. That blazer is amazing! The shape is so unique and I love the color!

    I feel your pain, school is like a time-sucking vacuum these days. It's a miracle I blog at all sometimes!


  6. That necklace is so fun! How did you make it?

  7. ceket çok hoşuma gitti güzelmiş beğendim.. ayrıca saç kesiminde çok hoşuma gitti pörfekto:)))

  8. very cute, love your little scissor.

  9. i love the blazer and the necklace. It's ben pretty hectic at my end too. Will write back to you soon. Love from toronto

  10. aww i love finding things like this, sweet lyrics!
    Love your scissors necklace too xox

    Turquoise Flamingo

  11. Love the way you styled the blazer so classically with slim jeans! It fits you like a dream.